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A step-by-step guide on how to start, expand, or salvage your small contracting businesses – and make you a millionaire

90% of everything you’ll ever need to know to run a successful contracting business in this easy to read book

Intro: Should you read this book?
1. What Does a Successful Contractor Look Like?
2. Setting Up Your Contracting Company Properly
3. Marketing Your Contracting Company
4. Promotion Rules and Tips
5. Promotional Techniques – 46 Different Ways to Get Business
6. Websites Designed to Make You Money
7. Internet Marketing
8. Sales
9. Doing the Work
10. Collecting Money from Slow-Paying Customers
11. Collecting the Money from Slow-Paying General Contractors and Management Companies
12. Collection Rules and Tips
13. Making a Profit
14. Admin Systems—Office Procedures and Paperwork
15. Hiring Employees
16. Managing Employees
17. Starting and Expanding Your Business
18. The Story of How John Built a Successful Contracting Business
19. Tips for Success in Business
20. Salvaging a Struggling Contracting Business
21. End Game—Planning for Retirement
22. Final Word

Appendix A: Further Reading
Appendix B. Building Wealth, Part 1. Introduction
Appendix B. Building Wealth, Part 2. The 11-Step Wealth Building Program
Appendix B. Building Wealth, Part 3. Final Steps of the Wealth Building Program—Investing in Income-Generating Assets