I own a 30-person electrical contracting company in Los Angeles, in business since 1979. I’m semi-retired now, which means I maybe spend 5-10 hours per week on the business, mostly because I still enjoy interacting with my great employees. In 2020 I attained a goal I had set many years earlier – financial independence. I still get an income from my company of a few hundred thousand dollars each year, which is one of the reasons I doubt I’ll ever sell the company. At this point, because of my great customers and excellent staff, it’s a money-making machine, whether I work any particular day or not. So why would I want to sell it?

I’ve just finished writing the first draft of a book that covers many aspects of starting, expanding, or salvaging a contracting business. Before publishing it, I’m happy to make it available at no charge for the time being. I am putting it on the internet for free for a short period of time, hoping to get any constructive feedback you wish that could help me improve the final draft.

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