I want to thank and acknowledge some of the many people who have helped me to learn the countless lessons of business and life that I bring to this book.

To all my associates at the Electric Connection and Happy Contractor. I am thrilled and somewhat humbled by how fantastic you all are. Our companies would not have achieved their current levels of success without your daily efforts!

To my long-time business partner, Hugo Galvez. Thanks for running our field operations so smoothly! It’s a hard job, and you do it superbly.

To my editor, Pat Dobie of Lucid Edit. Thanks for your excellent editing which has made this book so much better than it otherwise would have been.

And, above all, to my wife of 35 years, Alexandra. Thanks for also editing this book and adding much value to its pages. Without your dedication, love, patience, intelligence, faith, and determination throughout the years, neither this book, our businesses, nor our marriage would have been possible.